Who We Are

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Martin Hurtado de Mendoza
Owner and Director
Born and raised in Cusco, I have a great love for my land and for Peru.  I earned my degree in Business Administration from Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad in Cusco.  I’ve spent 13 years working in the Study Abroad industry, and for the past 10 years, I’ve been the owner and director of Andean Land Peru, the company I founded in March 2004 in order to facilitate the implementation of academic and tourist programs in Peru, as well as to collaborate with Study Abroad directors to achieve their goals.
Throughout this time I have met and shared knowledge, travels, and adventures with almost 500 students from various universities, colleges, and schools from the United States.
What I most enjoy about my job is the opportunity to travel with groups of students, providing all the logistical support needed to carry out their activities.
Kari & Doug - copia
Karina Hurtado and Douglas Piquette
Tour leaders of “Open Your Senses, Indulge the Peruvian Andes”
December 2016 – January 2017
Karina was born in Cusco, Peru. She feels so blessed to have come from such a place of rich history, impressive cultural diversity, and its’ deep spiritual connections to Pachamama (mother earth). After finishing her high school in Cusco moved to Lima to pursue her university studies. Karina would later return to Cusco for community work and discover within herself a powerful relationship with remote, rural communities of the Andean highlands and their profound indigenous culture and ancient wisdom.
Douglas was born in Northern Alberta, Canada. A lifelong observer of people and community building, he is also deeply inspired by his passion for travel and living abroad. The mix of cultures, the languages, sights, smells, and sounds from around the globe has fascinated him for most his life. He is honored to be sharing and navigating fellow travelers through the history and streets of this vibrant and ever inspiring country, which is simply and sublimely, his second home.
More about Gary Fleener.
More about Gary Fleener.

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